About Us

Pencil Tree started in a very small way in 2014 when it was discovered that many children were going to school without a pencil to write with.

From distributing a few pencils to building a whole school

Meet our dedicated team

Stevie Bellamy - Founder and Director

Has retired from a career in the construction industry, where he ran his own business and also managed a large company in Brisbane.

After many years of travelling in India and Nepal and being involved in numerous projects to help the local people, it was a natural progression to form an organization to assist the children of the Himalayas with education based programmes.  Stevie oversees the day to day running of the Pencil Tree activities.

Image of Sangmo and Stevie after receiving an award from the Governor of Himachal Pradesh.

Tim O'Hara - Treasurer and Public Officer

Tim has 25 years experience in managing small businesses, including 12 years as a practice manager of financial services firms.

He linked up with Stevie in 2015 to formalize the set-up of The Pencil Tree, and as Public Officer, is responsible for the compliance of the Association.

Tim believes that education is the most effective way to lift the under privileged out of poverty.

Dr Jon Stephenson - Secretary

Jon is a GP in Kingscliff, New South Wales and has worked as a medical missionary in Bihar (India) for 12 months with multiple return visits over the years.

Like Tim, he feels that education is the best preventative medicine for optimal care of the poor.