From delivering a few pencils to building a school

Pencil Tree now supplies 15 schools in poor areas of Northern India with:

School packs, Desks, White Boards, Charts, Tables, Chairs, Reading books, TV's for interactive learning, Badminton sets, See-saws, Swings, Sporting equipment, Games, Puzzles, Jigsaws, Skipping ropes, Cricket sets, Beanies and so much more.

The visits and interactions with the children are as valuable as the material items

The pre-school in the slums is another important recipient of PencilTree assistance

Food, clothes, books, balloons, balls, dolls, games, crayons, paper, bubbles, mini cricket bats wickets and fun fun fun

Providing bulk food deliveries to a slum community in northern India during covid over 3 month period equating to over 27, 000 meals to literally prevent starvation (other charities stepped in to assist after)

Did we mention that Pencil Tree funded the building of a 4 storey, 10 room structure in 2019 to educate up to 300 children.

Sponsor the full time housing, feeding, clothing and education of scores of children in need, into a good safe hostel.

Several “one off” projects to further the education of individuals in need of assistance in both India and Nepal including the sponsorship of a children’s home in Pokhara, Nepal.

Future Projects

Pencil Tree will continue to add more remote schools to the list that require a hand. Also place more and more underprivileged children into private school education. Pencil Tree has already given the ‘go-ahead’ to build a brand new kitchen and storeroom at the Tong-Len School

Plus the construction of another building to house a Cookery School to train school leaders to be able to gain employment in the hospitality business. An opportunity to make a future for themselves and their families. Look out! With so many more sponsors eager to help, the possibilities are endless.


Pencil Tree trips to Dharamsala in northern India take place every April and October. A low cost, escorted trip for an experience of a lifetime.